Pro Fiber is L’Oreal’s most prescriptive professional treatment programme which gives you long lasting hair repair. Years of heat styling, UV exposure and the stress of chemical damage can cause hair to be dull and lifeless. If your hair is prone to breakage along with being brittle and hard to manage Pro Fiber is the product for you.


Revive your hair with the latest in hair repair technology. The Profibre treatment penetrates deep into the hair and rebuilds the hair fibre from the inside out. Key ingredients; Aminosilane, reinforces the hair structure whilst filling the holes left by damage, and cationic polymers, act as a protective casing, covering the hair’s surface and leaving a soft silky feel.


The Pro Fiber experience starts in the salon with a consult to prescribe which range suits you. To start we perform a concentrated treatment in salon, with can be done before a haircut service or after a colour service. To continue the repair process you will provided with and educated on the at home care range.

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